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Colab Factory

14 Dekalb Avenue 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

CoLab = A community of collaborators, a cooperative of creators who build their dreams in a Factory designed for that purpose. Every short term goal along the road to reaching your objective is a triumph. Our focused atmosphere allows members to achieve their dream. If you are a team of one, or an office of ten we provide the atmosphere for your success.

We take care of the elements that in a traditional office lease would bog you down. all extra add-on payments and logistics are handled – WiFi, Electric, supplies, printer / scan / copy, office cleaning, mail service, we’ve got you covered so you can get to work.

Pricing Info

Coworker Membership: $300/month
Offices Starting: $800/month (1 person)
$1200/month (2 person)
$1500/month (3 person)
$1900/month (4 person)
Day player: $30/day
Dedicated desk: $500/month
Virtual Office: $100/month

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Monday to Sunday: 7AM–10PM


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