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Jay Suites Penn Station

1370 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

Penn Station Office Space Overview:
Jay Suites Penn Station is located on the fifth floor.
The 18,000 square foot center in in Manhattan’s Times Square South as well as the fashion district.
An inviting polished marble lobby is staffed 24/7.
Grand glass entry into a designer, modern reception area with high-definition TVs and WiFi.
First-class, luxuriously furnished offices with desks, chairs and filing space.
Two Conference room equipped with ergonomic chairs, frosted glass meeting tables, and presentation LED TVs.
Break Room with a sitting area, vending machine, microwave, refrigerator, filtered water, and freshly brewed coffee.

Pricing Info

1-2 Person Private suite: From $1199/month
3-4 Person Private suite: From $1495/month
5-6 Person Private suite: From $2195/month
7-8 Person Private suite: From $3995/month
9-10 Person Private suite: From $4995/month
11+ Person Private suite: Please contact them

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