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Staten Island
60 Bay Street, Suite 708, Staten Island, New York 10301

LaunchPads is a new co-working community located on Staten Island, in the up and coming tech hub of St. George. Created with entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers in mind; LaunchPads core mission is to help build a community which fosters productivity, peer collaboration and innovation.

The community that we have in mind will be much different than your typical Staten Island office space. It will be flexible, fun and affordable. The workspace will appeal to any and every creative professional; whether they’re writing code, writing contracts, writing blog posts, writing commands or just writing an email. While balancing fun, creative & affordable; the space will also provide a professional front-end for client & team meetings.

Besides the creative digs, what we’re really after is a community that inspires awesome people that want to do awesome things.

Why Staten Island? Well, come see for yourself. St. George is really a bootstrappers dream. It’s inexpensive, accessible and on the rise. Not to mention we’re located right across the street from the Staten Island Ferry (didn’t ya know? Its free!). You get easy access to/from Manhattan without actually being in Manhattan (cha-ching!).

Pricing Info

Community Member:$0
Drop-in Member:$95
Virtual Office:$75
Private Offices:$250 to $950

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Monday to Friday: 8AM --- 8PM


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