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Park Slope Desk

501 11th Street (7/8), Brooklyn, NY 11215

How Does It work?
Coworking, writers space, study hall: We provide you a “clear space” to concentrate on the thing at hand. Use us like a gym. You pop in there for your intense body workout. You drop in here intent on getting your work…out. Being in the company of other people serious about getting things done keeps you motivated.

We have a pool of desks, all individual – not shared, where you can settle in to focus on the task at hand. Some are surrounded by partitions, for those who wish to cocoon, others without, for those who prefer open air. We have various rooms, choose according to your taste.

Amenities: private phone booths for calls, conference room, dine-in kitchen, fast internet, ergonomic chairs, and unlimited coffee and tea.‚Äč Open seven days, 7am – 1am.

Pricing Info

Large Desk/All Day (includes 4 hours conf room): $250/month (reg $350)
Small Desk/All Day (includes 2 hours conf room): $150/month (reg $200)
Large Desk/Evening (includes 2 hours conf room): $100/month (reg $200)
Small Desk/Evening (includes 1 hour conf room): $75/month (reg $100)
Large Desk/Weekend: $60/mo (reg $75)
Small Desk/Weekend: $40/mo (reg $50)

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Monday to Sunday: 7AM --- 1AM


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