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WeWork Herald Square

950 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

If you’re looking for dynamic New York workspace in Midtown Manhattan, WeWork Herald Square is a classic. We’ve revamped five floors of a turn-of-the-century building into smartly crafted conference rooms, coworking space, and lounge areas, along with our own private lobby. This neighborhood is an iconic vision of the NYC business-bustle, so your guests will feel situated right in the thick of things. With Herald Square’s central location, you’ll have plenty of lunch and transportation options, not to mention the park and great shopping. Join us at WeWork Herald Square for a location that’s suit-and-tie outside, next-gen inside.

WeWork Herald Square for Unique Coworking Office
Named after the New York Herald newspaper distribution company, our building is one to marvel. Our interior designers used its history and the neighborhood’s retail explosion to celebrate color, surfaces, and materials in playful configurations. Restored terracotta arches throughout the spaces’ ceilings convey serious elegance with the provocativeness of contemporary style. Private offices feature plenty of windows, plus a unique duplex if you want a more spectacular spread. Whether your company considers itself dapper, swanky, or smart, it’ll fit right in at WeWork Herald Square.

Pricing Info

Hot desk: $450/month
Private offices:
1 seat — $930/month
2 seats — $1760/month
3 seats — $3150/month
4 seats — $2800/month
5 seats — $4200/month
6 seats — $4700/month
7 seats — $5500/month
8 seats — $6000/month
9 seats — $6750/month
11-20 seats — $7900 – $12250/month
21-50 seats — $21600-$37500/month

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